Do you have other important questions such as:

  • Why is your baby crying?
  • What should you do when your baby is crying?
  • What happens when you take your baby home from the hospital?
  • If there are guests visiting you at home and you are tired, how do you manage the situation in a peaceful manner that wouldn’t affect your guests?
  • How do you manage twins?
  • What are the health challenges your baby may encounter and how do you prepare for it?

So if you are anxious, you would need to calm down. Babies can’t talk so the only way they can communicate with you is by crying. As you learn to pay attention to your baby, you will get to understand why she cries at different times.

You need to learn how to relax. When you get home from the hospital, you need to allow your baby rest, change her diapers, feed her, bathe her and keep the environment clean. Treat your guests with drinks and snacks. If you need to take a nap, politely speak with your guests and excuse yourself.

These and so much more are the benefits you stand to gain in this book!
This book is divided into 5 parts:

The first part focuses on your baby: how to take care of your newborn at home, the proper way to carry your newborn, changing your baby’s diaper and taking care of the umbilical cord, taking care of him after circumcision, washing and bathing her, taking care of the nails, ears, nose, eyes and hair, dressing your baby, taking your baby out on a walk.

The second part focuses on the common challenges that you will encounter when feeding your baby. If you are breast feeding or bottle feeding there are several challenges to each of the feeding types.

The third part of the book focuses on your baby’s sleeping habit, ensuring your baby sleeps in a safe way, common sleeping problems and their causes, health challenges peculiar to babies, your baby’s psychological connection to mum and dad, social and physical growth of your baby.

The fourth part of the book focuses on safety; there are safety instructions and safety measures that you must know and put in place.

The fifth part of the book entails important details that can make life easier for you and your baby. It focuses on important information such as why babies cry, how to take care of twins without getting overwhelmed, burping your baby, managing hiccups, understanding your baby’s behaviour such as why she acts the way she does and understanding the right temperature for your baby when you are at home or when it is time for a bath.

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Other important benefits are:

  • This book is written in the simplest form that you can ever find while based on thoroughly carried out research.
  • Information on the ‘fourth trimester’.
  • Information on the involution of your uterus.



The product is digital and the images included in the ebook are only for visualization.